The Only Real-Time View of the National Real Estate Market

Only Altos has coverage of all 100 million properties in the U.S. We capture and analyze one billion data points in over 30,000 zip codes each week - 98% of the U.S. real estate market - to give you predictive insights you can’t get anywhere else.

A Unique Data Set

It’s not easy to get a comprehensive view of the national market. Traditional housing data is lagging, MLS data is spread out over 700 local systems, and rental market data doesn’t account for all the single family homes now available as rentals.

Altos is the only company to analyze the entire active market in real time, tracking every property listed for sale or rent in the U.S. and delivering predictive insights into pricing, valuations, supply and demand, and leading indicators that you can’t get from traditional data sets.

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Data Applications

  • Analyzing and forecasting home prices

    Use our Altos Listings Intel data to get real-time visibility into every home for sale in every local market. Used by leading Automated Valuation Models (AVM) and Home Price Indexes (HPI).

  • Analyzing and forecasting rents

    Get a real-time view of the rental market with our Altos Rental Intel data, the largest housing and apartment database in the U.S.

  • Consumer-facing applications

    PropTech developers integrate Altos Trends into industry-leading apps that help millions of consumers buy and sell their homes.

  • Portfolio and risk analysis

    While traditional housing data is lagging, Altos real-time data lets analysts see market price and demand changes before anyone else.

  • Direct marketing

    Altos Listings Intel lets marketers know who’s moving before they move and provide timely offers for mortgages, home services and more.

  • Home builder and investor insights

    For firms with exposure to the US real estate market, Altos Listing Intel and Altos Trends power market selection analyses and forecast consumer demand.

We needed a solution that would allow us to have active market stats for every zip code in the country. Altos is the only nationwide data set that can deliver that for us. It’s a real differentiator."

Ernie Graham, Founder and CEO, HomeBot

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